January 11, 2017

The Mission Sniper MOD APK 2.2 (Mod Money)

The Mission Sniper - AIM and SHOOT! Get yourself a weapon and kill them all. The Mission Sniper is the latest evolution to sniper games. It’s a tough job and don’t take it lightly. Shooting on the wing was originally thought impossible or perhaps more to the point.

Name of Game: The Mission Sniper

Name of cheat:

The Mission Sniper MOD APK 1.3 (Mod Money)

Game features
* Free to play!
* Most glancing sniper 3D actions and graphics: Live 3D shootings and realistic
detailed environments come to alive!
* Rich weapon system: There are many different types of weapons, such as the M14 EBR, Sniper MSR, AW 50, * * * Sniper SVD, DRAGUNOV and so on!
* Different themes of game play with breathless time chasing levels!
* Collect cash and billions to keep a steady supply of ammo.
* The Mission Sniper utilizes advanced amours like SDEU 12, USMC MOD 2,
UTG 76and health kits to hold this aggressive battle!
* Kill terrorist commandos with a single silenced shot and become a formidable sniper!
* Easy to pick up and play, tough to master with multiple scenarios and targets!
* Smooth controls with challenging fights against the uncongenial killers!
* UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on leader board!
* Intense game-play with great visuals and sounds! 

Manual Step:
1. Install APK
2. Play