January 5, 2017

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.23.16 (Mod Runes)

Dragons: Rise of Berk - Build your OWN Berk! Rescue, hatch and train your favorite DreamWorks Dragons! Explore uncharted lands in a vast Viking world! Join Hiccup, Toothless and the gang to protect your village from the mysterious strangers that threaten peace on Berk. Who are they? And, what do they want from your harmonious homeland?

Wendgames Review: mediocre – bad – average – good - awesome

Name of Game: Dragons: Rise of Berk
VERSION: 1.23.16

Name of cheat:

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.23.16 (Mod Runes)

Manual Step:
1. Install APK
2. Play

Download the OBB file/SD file. They should be .zip or .rar files.
Extract the file to your sdcard.
Move the extracted folder to the location: /sdcard/Android/obb