Onmyoji (Unreleased) (New Game +Video trailer)

A massive hit game app in East Asia, now available worldwide!
A traditional Japanese masterwork about Onmyoji during Heian period. As an ‘onmyoji’, players could summon and control ‘shikigami’, and protect Kyoto from evil spirits.
Key Features:
- Touching and profound stories
4 player characters and over 75 collectible characters, each has unique side story.
Built in a real-time commentary subtitle system that displays user comments, creating a chat room experience in which users feel like watching and playing together with others.

Onmyoji (Unreleased) Video trailer:


This free game for Android is very popular and
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Sometimes you will see some words like adreno, mali, tegra, or power-vr on the download page: they are examples for various Graphics Processing Unit. You need to select files according to your device’s video accelerator. We recommend CPU-Z app.

Downloading cache (obb) files on cloud . mail . ru site is also very simple: just follow the steps below and you will enjoy full version games for phone or tablet.

1. For mobile users
Go to the download page using Firefox or Google Chrome browser app.
  • Click on the little blue box and the file will begin downloading.

    2. For computer users
    • Go to the download page using your computer.
    • Click on the name of the file.
    • The file will begin downloading.


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