Wonder Oracle ワンダーオラクル (JP) (New Game + Video Trailer)

The key to Wan'ora is beautiful "Senki (Senki)" us!
The great commander of the military history revived as "Senki", formed the army!
In Senki was nurtured, Nomese hit the enemy until smithereens!
■ Aim to make the strongest of the country!
Strengthen the country to produce a wide variety of facilities and weapons. When the arms are fully equipped invaded the territory of the other players.
They won the battle trying to get the resources and fame!
■ fight together Senki (Senki)! (Senki system)
Combat is carried out in combination colorful as "unit character" personality basis of "Senki".
The combination is endless!
Senki system provides a profundity strategy experience that goes beyond the genre to the player.

Wonder Oracle ワンダーオラクル (JP) Video Trailer:


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